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Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee ( is an Austin- and Brooklyn-based online coffee retailer selling some of the best specialty single origin and espresso coffees geared for fanatical cyclists and coffee geeks.

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.

Feb 9

Grimpeur Bros. Pop Up Coffee Shop #Louisville2013 Day 1 #Video, 02.02.13

A lot of people have asked us how our Pop Up Coffee Shop went. “Who showed up? Was it busy? What did you serve?”

Well, an amazing group of friends from the cycling world showed up. We met so many followers and friends for the first time - “Internet!” was a common shout throughout the long weekend. 

And CX fans came back for seconds, thirds, & fourths…heh. We even had someone insist on buying a bag even though we gave out free samples - “Thanks man!”

The race day was the amazing. Our small lil’ Pop-Up Shop was amazing…not because we sold coffee. We we’re brewing and serving for free (we forgot the tip jar, lulz). The Pop-Up Shop was amazing because of the people - YOU - who came, who drank, who shared great convos. Don’t believe us. Watch this vid.  

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