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Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee ( is an Austin- and Brooklyn-based online coffee retailer selling some of the best specialty single origin and espresso coffees geared for fanatical cyclists and coffee geeks.

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.

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Feb 17


Former Taxi Driver’s Candid Shots of New York Over Three Decades

New York photographer Matt Weber has been pursuing his fascination with the Big Apple for more than three decades. For six years he worked as a taxi cab driver and witnessed the city from a unique perspective. Eventually, he stepped out of his cab and ventured into the streets to pursue his true passion for documenting his experiences through his camera lens

The Urban Prisoner is an extensive black and white series that captures a true side of everyday life in New York. Throughout his career, Weber used a classic approach to street photography in order to convey a sense of raw emotion. He never intervened with his subjects and, as a result, he was able to capture real moments within urban settings. In contrast to his series, Urban RomanceThe Urban Prisoner focuses on a wide range of emotions—love, violence, energy, monotony, and stillness—that can be found throughout the city on an ordinary day in New York in the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s.

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We LUV New York. We LUV NYC Photography. 

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Oct 31

This celebration somehow gets me down.

Especially when I see you’re not around…

We miss you Uncle Lou. RIP.

Halloween Parade - New York

Feb 19

Grimpeur Bros. is proud to be a Regional Sponsor of NERBC 2013


Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee ( is proud to announce that we are a Regional Sponsor of the Northeast Regional Barista Competition and Brewer’s Cup happening this week, February 20-22, in New York City.

In addition to supporting #cycling and bike culture in all it’s forms, Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee also believes in supporting #coffee culture and pro baristas who make it happen at our favorite coffee shops. #SupportYourLocalCoffeeShop Yo!

If you are in the city this week, definitely check out NERBC 2013 in Long Island City, Queens. Click here for information on attending.

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.

Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX

Aug 13
This was cool. #understatement

This was cool. #understatement

Jul 9

Who Are The Grimpeur Bros.?

We’re hard at it getting everything ready to launch Great specialty coffee. Check. Online storefront website. Check. Logistics. Check. Etc., etc. You get the idea of what we’ve been up to. 

We plan on launching the Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee “beta” site by the end of July/early August. So we thought it’s way past time to start sharing some info about the Grimpeur Bros and what we’re all about - cycling and coffee.

Nigel and Dan met in 2009 at their kids’ school in Brooklyn, NY. Nigel and Dan quickly realized that they both loved coffee and riding bikes. They started to ride together. They started drinking coffee together. They talked and talked about cycling and coffee. Coffee and cycling.

All. Of. The. Time.

Nigel convinced Dan to race in NY. They trained a lot while Nigel continued to perfect his roasting, extraction, and cupping skills. They raced in Prospect Park, Central Park, and Floyd Bennett Field. They trained some more. And they talked even more about coffee and cycling. Dan and Nigel decided they had to work together on a project that involved coffee and cycling…aside from their families, coffee and cycling are their passions. A coffee shop? Coffee & cycling gear? Hmmm… 

Dan moved to Austin in November 2011. They stayed in touch…talking about cycling and coffee. In spring 2012, they convinced each other it was time to take the plunge and Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee was born. Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee is 

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Ride Your Bike. Drink Great Coffee.
Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

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