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Mar 3

Dave Jordan Racing @ CRCA Race #1 - CPK, NYC 03.02.13

First race of the season and everyone’s excited to be racing again. There’s jitters and anticipation and then BOOM, IT’S ON. Kudos to Dave Jordan Racing’s Alan Buday for placing 6th in the CRCA A Field!

According to Nigel, “In the B Field and Women’s Field Dave Jordan Racers raced hard and well and mixed it up for the field sprint. Placing went 7 deep, some DJR riders in the Top10, others just outside.”

And shout outs to our @TeamSixcycle friends and Matt Vandivort who placed 2nd in the CRCA A Field! 

We love seeing our NYC CRCA teams delivering the results in 2013!!! Looks like it’s gonna be a great season! Keep it going Ladies and Gents!!!

Photos courtesy of  SKN Photography