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Jul 14

Colin Lewis remembers his teammate Tom Simpson on the anniversary of his death from cycling tips on Vimeo.


Tom Simpson’s roommate Colin Lewis remembers the events of Tour de France in which Simpson tragically died on Mont Ventoux. Thanks to CyclingTips for this one.

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Apr 23

We forgot that Morrisey rode bikes…in the 80s. 

Annnd 80s Manchester looks incredibly depressing…

Apr 4

NEXT #Hario Siphon p0rn. 

Mar 26


Doing That Eddy Merckx thing one moar time.


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Mar 20



And then there’s this.

Oh yes, we took photographer Emily Maye to team camp in Portugal. And oh hells yes, she took fantastic photographs. And hells to the yeah, I love this team! When they have a little incident - like Ina a few weeks back and Evie this past weekend - I have an attack of the ‘oh noes!’ and rend my garments and feel like a side-line mom. 

Anyway, when Emily was at the mother ship a few weeks back, we had a chat about her experience at team camp and her approach to shooting cycling. She very graciously answered all my probing questions. And then we went out to sushi, at which point I discovered she doesn’t eat the raw fish. More sashimi tacos for me!

Disclosure: I work for Specialized. But I don’t think that makes me biased about the SLULUs. They’re just awesome ladies who are passionate about cycling and a kick ass team. If you don’t follow women’s cycling, you should. 

Our wonderful friend @thenoodleator produced this awesome interview/video for Specialized with our sponsored photographer, the most badass Emily Maye (Emily_Maye).

As usual, Emily’s photographs of the Specialized Lululemon training camp from Portugal are dope. It’s great to hear her approach to photographing what goes on at a training camp. Cycling is a massive team effort (more on this later today). Emily captures those moments that tell the story.

Emily Maye is a badass.

So is our friend Janeen McCrae.

Mar 5

Ronde de Bethel, Race Weekend #1 video from our boyz @TeamSixcycle! #gnar Way to kill it gents!

Mar 4

Why are the Grimpeur Bros. part of the 2013 PURE Austin Driveway Series by Holland Racing

  • 26 year Austin, Texas Thursday Nighter Criterium…#Tradition
  • The Driveway Series is the largest weekly series in the nation according to USA Cycling
  • +300 racers per week
  • 150-250 spectators per week
  • Andrew Willis is good people. 

 And the racing is FAST!! Watch the video. #gnar

See you this Saturday, March 9th, at the Driveway for the Kenny Hill Autowerks Spring Classic!

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.

Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX

Mar 2

Ever wonder what racing 6:30am on a Saturday morning in Central Park, NYC looks like? Here ya go!

Our @teamsixcycle boyz killed it today with Matthew Vandivort getting 2nd place in the CRCA A-Field. HELLA YEAH! #ItWasDaGrimpeurBrosCoffee

PLUS Check out their awesome race pics on the FB.

Feb 1
Letters…#video #art cc: @alyssasevern you might want to check this out as a “mind cleanser” - #TeamZissou #TYCRoadTrip @teamyachtclub #CX #Worlds #TYCLVCXWC2013 #SnakeFarm #JamaicanCXTeam #cyclocross @louisville2013 #grimpeur #squaready  (at Proof on Main)

Letters…#video #art cc: @alyssasevern you might want to check this out as a “mind cleanser” - #TeamZissou #TYCRoadTrip @teamyachtclub #CX #Worlds #TYCLVCXWC2013 #SnakeFarm #JamaicanCXTeam #cyclocross @louisville2013 #grimpeur #squaready (at Proof on Main)

Jan 2


Can’t believe more than two years have passed since I met Chris randomly in a bike shop, just shortly after he moved to New York from Austin. There’s something about being able to weave through Broadway traffic on a track bike with ease and steez that’s just so damn flowy. That’s NYC couriers for you.


I “miss” riding through Manhattan…kinda ;) #ATXHQ

Nov 8

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How about we try NOT to spill the coffee…

Sep 21

Women’s Elite leading group tearing it up @ #CrossVegas 9.19.11

Aug 29

Yeah. We’d like to do this race.

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Aug 16

@stoweboyd: I just watched The Invisible Bicycle Helmet from the @FocusFwdFilms Series <a href=””></a> #speculativedesign #design #documentary

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Late last year (?) I remember seeing a photo of the invisible bike helmet inflated and thought it look like a fashiony person designed something impractical although the idea sounded cool. This video wins…and so does the Invisible Bike Helmet.

Although the collar mechanism could be/needs to be dramatically shrunk for the roadie crowd, for commuters, especially Fall/Winter cyclists, this could be a perfect solution.